Planning Board

The Planning Board of the City of Laurinburg serves as an advisory board to consider zoning and planning matters for the City. The Board is comprised of seven (7) members, four (4) of which live within the City and are appointed by the City Council, and three (3) which live within the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Planning Area (ETJ) and are appointed by the Scotland County Board of Commissioners. All appointments are for three (3) year terms. There is no limit on successive terms. The Planning Board’s regular meetings are scheduled the Tuesday prior to the City Council meeting.

Planning Board Members

City Representatives

Charles "Scoofer" Jordan
12401 Lakewood Drive
910-276-7081 (Home)

Larry Everett
16141 Hillcrest Avenue
910-276-5939 (Home)

James Thomas
330 Sawdust Lane
910-276-5998 (Home)

Kathy Williamson (Vice Chairperson)
103 Sterling Lane
910-276-5743 (Home)

ETJ Representatives

Hal Jernigan (Chairperson)
8040 Scotch Meadows Drive
910-276-7388 (Home)

Ken Jackson
7941 Scotch Meadows Road
910-276-5318 (Home)