Planning and Community Development

Our department exists to protect the health, safety and welfare of our community. Our team strives to make Laurinburg a better place to live each and every day. The Planning & Community Development department consists of Planning, Zoning, Code Enforcement, Grants Management, Beautification and Cemetery Departments.  

Our office is located at 203 Atkinson Street, Laurinburg and you can contact us at 910-276-8324.

For Community Development questions you can contact Director Michael Mandeville or call 910-276-8324.

For development questions about your property or to voice a concern/complaint about property, nuisances or junk vehicles please contact Mac McInnis or call 910-276-8324. 

For questions about Beautification or tree related issues please contact Walker McCoy or Angela Taylor or call 910-276-8324.

For questions about purchasing Cemetery plots or other Cemetery related issues please contact Tim Pierce or Angela Taylor or call 910-276-8324.

We look forward to working with you soon!

 Building Code Enforcement                     Nuisance/Junk Vehicles



Demolished building-Code Enforcement