Electric Operations

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Electric Operations

The City of Laurinburg operates its own electric distribution system consisting of over 72 miles of power lines. The City has been in the electric business for over 80 years providing reliable service to 5,630 customers who are offered a range of services from credits for load management to rebates for water heaters and heat pumps and Time-of-Use electric rates. The service is provided by a crew of 9 employees who perform line and switching station maintenance, SCADA operation and metering functions. The crews also maintain the City’s Fiber Optic system which provides network and internet services to other City departments and other customers throughout the City and County. Currently the fiber system consists of over 70 miles of fiber optic cable with associated electronics.

The City of Laurinburg is a member of ElectriCities of North Carolina, the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency and North Carolina Association of Municipal Electric Systems. ElectriCities is a not-for-profit government service organization representing cities, towns and universities that own electric distribution systems. Today, ElectriCities represents more than 90 members in North Carolina (including Laurinburg), South Carolina and Virginia.

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