Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment’s purpose is to review appeals of the City’s Unified Development Ordinance. A deviation, known as a variance, may be granted by the Board if compliance with the ordinance would create a hardship on the applicant. The Board consists of five (5) members, four of which are City residents and appointed by the City Council, and one (1) resident from the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) area who is appointed by the Scotland County Board of Commissioners. There are also two (2) alternates (one from the City and one from the ETJ) who participate in the meetings only if one of the regular members is unable to attend a meeting. The City Alternate member can sit in lieu of another City member, and the ETJ Alternate member can sit in lieu of the ETJ member. The Board of Adjustment meets on an as needed basis.

Board of Adjustment Members

David Ellison, Jr.
12380 Briarwood Drive

Penny Myers Craner (County Member)
17871 South Caledonia Road

Larry Lanier (County Alternate)
11261 Troon Circle

Linda Douglas
900 West Allen Lane

Iris Lockhart
12861 Blue Woods Road

Joyce Jewell (City Alternate)
13361 Weslyan Drive