Animal Control

3Animal Control Officer03 West Church Street (Police Department)

Animals are an important part of the lives of people, either as pets, or as part of our natural wildlife. Most people consider their dog or cat to be part of the family. This is evident in the amount of money owners are willing to spend on their pets for specialty foods, toys, and trips to the veterinarian. The City of Laurinburg Animal Control Department realizes this and has made part of its mission to help improve the lives of all animals within the City, while at the same time providing protection to citizens. This has been done by passing new ordinances and implementing several different programs whose purpose is to help reduce the overpopulation of our dogs and cats and protecting citizens from dangerous dogs.

An ordinance passed in 1997 prohibits the tethering of dogs as the sole means of restraint. This has greatly improved the lives of many of the dogs in the City, and has also reduced the number of dog bites. Another important change in our Animal Control Ordinance was the prohibiting of hunting, killing and trapping of our wildlife except by the animal control officer or duly authorized wildlife agent. By requiring property owners to implement preventive measures to reduce their problems with wildlife, we have accomplished saving the wildlife and solving the problem the most effective way.

We have reduced the population of dogs in the City dramatically through aggressive spay and neuter programs offered through the Humane Society and the State managed spay/neuter fund. Also our City license has a $21.00 increase for dogs and cats that have not been sterilized. This difference has encouraged dog and cat owners to sterilize their pets. We still have a feral cat overpopulation, but have aggressively been doing trap-neuter-and release for cats that have caregivers willing to take care of them. This is helping to decrease the number of stray cats we have to pick up and euthanize.

We would like to encourage citizens to contact the Animal Control Department for information regarding spaying and neutering either owned pets or feral cats they have been feeding, or for any other problems or concerns they you are having with animals within the City. Please contact the Animal Control Officer David Hardy or call the Police Department at 910-276-3211.

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